Features & Benefits


MyGiftCardSite is one of the finest ways to give someone a gift. If you don’t have information about a person’s preferences or you are not able to figure out the gift, the gift card is a perfect choice. It gives the recipient of the gift the freedom to choose the gift he loves. This freedom of variety is not given with other gifts.

Visa and MasterCard gift cardholders must determine the amount corresponding to their debit. You can also specify where the money is being spent. This feature makes these coupons unique as compared to other cards. On receiving these cards, recipients must activate them on giftcards.com.

What are the Features and Benefits of MyGiftCardSite?

These cards offer many advantages. This is a great gift because it can easily be emailed to someone without the risk of losing money while sending money.

Shopping in the store or to make online purchases is a great option to go with. You can even buy them for your personal use if you don’t want to use money. They can be used where Visa and MasterCard are accepted.

  • This card is accepted at millions of places in the United States. Use them where Visa and MasterCard are accepted.
  • Your card has a definite amount. It is the amount that you set when you buy.
  • It actually makes easier to avoid the costs associated with using a debit card, as it doesn’t exceed the limit of your gift card.
  • When making a purchase, this cost will be debited from the available balance of the gift card.


Best thing about using MyGiftCardSite:

Manipulating your card is not simple. But you need to be careful with your card’s PIN. When you go to the store, some vendors need it.

Simply transfer the card to the cash register at the time of purchase and the purchase amount will be deducted from the surplus. While checking balance, you can check not only purchase but also the balance of your card.

Your card cannot be charged. You can use your card till the date your balance is USD 0.00 or the card expires.

Nothing is permanent, so is not your card. Note down, everything your money does while the gift card is in action. Also, be sure you are aware of the expiry date to avoid any discomfort when you arrive at the checkout.


MyGiftCardSite is a prepaid Visa gift certificate whose amount depends on the amount you are charged when you purchased the prepaid card. This is very beneficial for customers and allows you to buy anything, anytime, anywhere.

The benefits of rewards are obviously lucrative. This is a type of Visa prepaid debit card that can be used as cash and can be used wherever a VISA card is accepted without the need to purchase a PIN.